From a young age I struggled with my appearance. A combimation of being tall and thin whilst experincing issues with food meant that I struggled to maintain and gain weight. I aspired to have a fitter and healthier physique that would enable me to feel conidenent and proud of who I am.
As a novice in the gym I struggled with self confidence and felt intimidated in this environment. I spent a number of years struggling to maintain a health eating and fitness routine. Achieveing only minimal results I decidced to invest in the skills and knowledge of a local a personal trainer. This is where my fitness journey began
Since qualiying as as a Personal Trainer in 2012, I have worked on a freelance basis at both Soho Gyms and Bannatynes Health Clubs in Manchester.
I have over 6 years experience working with clients who both inspire me to push boundaries and reaffirm my passion for health and fitness on a daily basis. By working in holistic partnership with my clients, we have achieved some fantastic results.
I’m now proud to be part of the Gymbox family based out of Covent Garden, London.
Due to demand spaces are limited so get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.